Our Brand Information

We own  ” AGU ” Brand and this is the trademark certificate issued by the Trademark Office of China.

AGU lawn and garden CO, Limited is allowed to use “AGU”  brand.

Landscape Fabric Factory

Located in Shandong Province, China, AGU Lawn & Garden is a professional manufacturer of many different agricultural & landscape items such as PP Woven Fabric and PE Tarpaulin. The products are greatly enjoyed by regular and new customers abroad because We are solely focused on supplying good, quality, and competitive pricing plans for our products that are firmly backed by our strong reputation and excellent service. Our leading products have attained the national attestation and are widely used in various industries. Currently, our production capacity is 20 tons a day.

The Company has exported an exuberant amount of Lawn & Garden products all over the world including to the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and South Africa. The production value offered from our products to our clients is astronomical and always been satisfied. We base our business model on a principle that suggests quality of life is defined by quality of service.

In Northern China, we have put years of hard work and focus into building a successful & professional company while staying humble about our high position within our industry. Training our employees is paramount because while we believe that our customer's needs are priority one, we know that training employees to provide the most satisfactory service is also very important. We have excellent Company background as one of the co-founders is from Germany, we handle recruiting ourselves and train hardworking, honest, and dedicated employees. From the factory workers to our CEO, all are hard at work providing the best quality products & services for our clients. In the spirit of win-win results, we would like to serve you with our best efforts. Are you interested in viewing our products personally, or speaking with one of our dedicated employees? Then do not hesitate to contact us. You may contact us by phone at (0086) 18653276907 and by email at manager@agugarden.com.

Our Team

AGU landscape fabric sevice team director


AGU Director

Oversees the company's business process, and directly responsible for organizational structure design.

AGU service team director


Product Specialist

Over 15+ years experience in sales and marketing activities ,responsible for team construction

AGU service team


Customer service

Over 3 years experience, primarily responsible for all sales, across all channels

AGU service team


Sales manager

Over 3 years experience. Responsible for all products and marketing designs and global After Sales