29 Nov 2016

Non Woven Geotextile

Nonwoven Geotextiles are a great solution to many problems in domestic environments. They are primarily made by a mixture of poly-propylene fibers, which lends their applicability to be used in civil engineering or construction/contracting products. These products are quite useful to farmers, as they can be used as a cow carpet that give a adequate solution to messy mud problems when dealing with animals, providing a practical and humane surface for animals to live on, improving their overall health.
They are very useful to say, general contractors and landscapers as well, for uses to deter weed growth in small or large scale landscaping or gardening projects, weeds can be a huge nuisance in projects like this – they create a visual nuisance and require maintenance in order to remove them, for this purpose. This type of nonwoven geotextile has been used practically for these purposes underlined below – largely for around 40 years, so they’re quite time tested products. It’s also fairly common to see nonwoven geotextiles comprised of continuous filaments which are adhered together mechanically with entangled barbed needles, and stapled nonwoven geotextile fibres.