29 Nov 2016

Silt fence

Our fences are perfectly used for controlling the perimeter of your yard or an area that you’re trying to grow new plants or keep a dog or group of animals away from. Our silt fences can be used effectively for controlling water flow to your plants or away from your yard. Alternately, our silt fences can act as a filter to trap in soil and enable the transporting of water to see a reduction in speed. Preventing erosion, our silt fences are a strong way to stop and distribute water.
The fence can be placed at the beginning of a hill or slop to prevent the intrusion of water. This is commonly used on lifted areas or hills where sod is being laid down to protect the area. Often, silt fences are deployed in clay soil to help protect against erosion and our fences are perfect for that. Another thing that happens when using one of our state of the art silt fences is that soil will build up. Once the soil builds up, you can put it all in a wheelbarrow and reposition the soil.