29 Nov 2016

Tarpaulin roll

Our tarpaulin rolls are just as strong and durable as our sheets have been known to offer. Made from the exact same polyester that are our Tarp Sheets are made from, our water-resistant rolls come in your choice of color. These can also be used for protecting your plants or gardens from weather conditions & elements such as wind, rain, snow, and more. They can be used to section off special areas of your garden so you can highly focus on certain areas of your herbs.
Our Tarpaulin Sheets are viable solutions to protecting brick work that is being done from environmental damage that may occur. A very common use for our tarp rolls is drop sheets for at a painting site. Now, all you have got to do is lay down the roll of tarp underneath an area you’re painting or near an area where drips will occur and our tarps will soak them right up. Gone are the days of tacking paint all over your work site and having to use low quality white fabric as tarps. Another amazing use for our product is the convenience it provides for farming. You can use these tarps to segregate grains and other types of produce.