08 Jul 2017

Nonwoen Fabric Planter Pot

AGU nonwoven fabric planter pot is a perfect way to display your favorite plants and flowers in your indoor or outdoor decoration. Grow round bags and plants offer a unique flower arrangement for any area of your home and garden.
The AGU Eco-friendly grow vegetable bags add an unexpected pop of color or the lushness of greenery without the fuss of planting in the home and garden. Grow planting bags are also great when you do not have any ground to plant in at all. There are a variety of uses for grow tomato bags in any home and garden decoration.

AGU are offering a wide collection of grow pot bags that are manufactured from high quality felt, polyester, non woven, jute, canvas and other items. These grow DIY bags are available in variety of designs, color combination and finishes that make them a necessary item for every home and garden decorative.